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custom plastic mold making und manufacturing in China

Custom Plastic mold making

With our outstanding mold designing staff and cost effective mold manufacturing in Shenzhen China, we supply the worldwide customers with high quality custom plastic injection molds.

custom injection molding for plastic molded part

Plastic Injection Molding

We provide one-stop plastic injection molding services for your injection molded parts. With rich experience of plastic injection molding process we can shorten the molding process to reduce customer's injection molding price.

Projekt Management for complete plastic injection molding

Project Management

Project management run through from custom mold making to injection molding process. It is a essential task to make sure all the process are going right. So we have established a standard project management.

Our Philosophy

Highest quality for plastic injection molding

Innovation: Employee profession and creativity are guarantees of our success. Based on our injection molding technology Know-How and continuous investment makes us a leading mold manufacturing company in China.

Precision: Experienced skilled Engineers are Lushi's greatest asset, ensuring that the plastic injection molding manuafacturing is flawless. Advanced equipments can fulfill the highest requirements of custom mold making.

Reliability: We care about the customer's intellectual property und stricly follow the rules of NDA. Our superior services has won the more customer's favor and established a long-term partnership.

How do you control your project with
cost, quality and risk in China?


LUSHI Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. was founded in Shenzhen China in 2009 with the goal of becoming a worldwide excellent supplier of custom mold making and plastic injection molding parts. We have more than 200 employees with about 100 engineers. Using our technical know-how and manufacturing capacity, we offer our customers with innovative solutions and superior services to meet the highest requirements of injection mold projects. Over the last 10 years, Lushi molding has designed and manufactured a series of plastic injection molds and parts for home appliances, automotive parts, electronics as well as the OEM/ODM Servieces products.

Our core competence is our service team, who are very well trained in the field of plastic injection molding manufacturing,this can make us to be more effective and enable that the projects are smooth and punctual completed. In addition, our project management and mold cost optimization are our main tools to discover the problems in advance and save the whole cost during the manufacturing. Our mission is to fully guarantee the customer's requirements and to bring competitive injection molded products to the market successfully. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to cooperate in harmony with our customers together during the whole project. [read more...]

high quality plastic injection mold making from shenzhen China

Custom plastic injection molding
manufacturing services in Shenzhen China

Automotive parts

The new time of automotive industry comes, which the auto space experience equipped with intelligent components that require engineers to have a full innovation spirit on the auto parts design and bring the custom solution of injection molding process with shorter cycle.

Home appliances

Our rich expertise in product development ensure our customers to bring their new products successfully in the market, we can provide the whole OEM services in China from custom mold manufacturing to plastic injection molding process and finally the Assembling process.

Industrial products

More safe and effective, the mold making manufacturer need to consider all the custom requirements of appearance and function of the injection molded parts during the process, selecting the matching mold steel and the right plastic materials for the molding process.

High gloss parts

The manufacturing of high gloss parts is more complicate because of the high temperature, which decides the cooling time. Besides the mold surface finishing affects the brightness of molded parts. This asks the manufacturer for innovative solution and advanced equipments for custom mold making and process improvement.

Overmolding parts

This is an efficient process, which can make the combination of different materials or colors through two-shot injection molding process. The manufacturing can provides the parts with aesthetic purpose and more functions. Our company has a lot of practical experience in this area.

Insert molding parts

This injection molding process can save the cost of assembly and increase the flexibility. During the injection molding the metal or different plastic part will be put into the mold cavity in advance and then inject the materials into the mold, to produce a single parts for more efficiency.
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