The most commonly used plastics, all about polycarbonate (PC Plastic)

This article tell you all of about the PC material. Polycarbonate is a common plastic in the industry, which has excellent impact-resistant, long-lasting, thermal stability, and clear.

Injection molding gate type and how to desgin

There are some commen kinds of injection molding gate types will be choose exactly for producing the suitable plastic parts, such as sprue gate, pin point gate, tunnel gate, and so on.

How to make ABS plastic in the injection molding

ABS plastic material is the most commom injection molding material in the forming industy. Here you will lern about the properties of abs material and abs uses in the injection molding manufacturing.

7 common plastic injection molding defects and feasible solutions

In the process of plastic injection molding, we often encounter some common product defects, which will seriously affect the product quality and the progress of production.

Plastic injection molding in the automotive industry

With the development of new energy technologies, electric vehicles have developed rapidly in recent years. The requirements of automotive become higher than before...

8 commonly used processes you should know for plastic forming

How to make the plastics? In this article, Lushi-Molding will show you 8 processes of plastic forming in the molding industry, such as injection molding, extrusion, calendering, blow molding, etc.

What should you consider when choosing the mold steel

How to choose the right steel for your injection mold is the critical factor to get the best parts that we need. Many variables are involved here and should be seriously considered. Here you can find some giudes for Lushi

The rational mold making with standard mold components

The standardized components in a mold are called standard components. Today, the toolmaker uses standard components for the manufacturing of plastic injection molds to reduce the cost of injection mold making and increase the efficiency.

New Coronavirus VS Global Automotive Supply Chain

At the beginning of 2020, the novel coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) has swept the Chinese New Year with more than 75,000 cumulative patients in China. What does it mean to the world economy, especially to the global automotive industry.

How to select the right supplier for mold making in china? Tips for you

how to select the right supplier in China is a difficult challenge for strategic procurement. This article will provide some suggestions for molds purchasing from China so that you can evaluate and find good solution for supplier selection.

The properties and applications of common resins for injection molding

In the plastic injection molding manufacturing there are lots of different plastic resin to be choose, before that we should know about the properties and its application areas of this resin material.

10 commonly used plastic materials for injection molding and their applications

In this article we will talk about the 10 common plastic materials and their properties as well as their applications in the molding industry, they are ABS, PBT, PC,PE-HD, PMMA, PP, PS, PVC, SA and POM.

The significance of plastic parts to auto lightweight

Auto lightweight is a hot issue of industrial technology also has significance for the automotive manufacturing. the use of plastic parts can cut down the total weight of the car to reduce fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions.

Molding Technology of High-Gloss Plastic Parts

High-gloss molding technology is the process of producing high-gloss molded parts by injecting molten thermoplastic into a mold. Though it could be seen as a complex process, the sole aim is to produce plastic parts with high surface quality.

The Impact of Mold Surface Finish on the molded parts

When it comes to injection molded parts manufacturing, the mold surface finish is an essential thing to consider if you want to deliver a quality and precise result.

Injection molding and tooling in the future

The molding industry has experienced a lot of innovative trends over the past decades and like other units of production has been welcomed with more straightforward, intelligent and more cost-effective techniques.

How Your Business Will Benefit From a Chinese manufacturer

Why would you want to choose a Chinese manufacturer help your business? Below is a concise review of how your business will benefit from a Chinese manufacturer.

2018 Tooling in China

According to customs information statistics, the total import and export volume of China's molds in 2017 was 754,182,300 US dollars, an increase of 11.01% over the previous year.

The Application of 3D printing in plastic molding industry

In recent years 3D printing has become an important part of advanced manufacturing, with positive impact on technology upgrades...

High-Gloss Polishing of Plastic Mold

Such high-gloss plastic molds are often used in various fields such as medical technology or the automotive industry. Polishing the mold surface to a shiny or even high gloss has always been done by hand.

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