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2018 Tooling in China

The 19th International Exhibition DMC2019 was opened in Shanghai. According to the public report informs that in the year 2018 the consumption volume of the tooling in China is $ 36.3 billion. It takes up about 1/3 of global consumption, besides the production value of China tooling is also the biggest with more than 1/3 of global gross output in the tooling and molding industry.

According to the statistics from China administration customs, the export volume of all kinds of tooling in 2015 exceeded $ 5 billion. In 2018, it was $ 6.1 billion. On the one hand, this made an increase of 10.84% over the previous year and took up a quarter of the world's exports. The export target area contains more than 200 countries and regions. On the other hand, China imported $ 2.14 billion tooling from other countries in this year, about 5% of tooling consumption in china.

The largest potential for mold manufacturing in the world

The official statistics shows that there are more than 40,000 tooling companies in China with about 1 million employees. With the continuous development of the tooling industry, the global plastic production will increase to 300 million tons by 2025, of which 25% will be consumed by China. To meet this demand, China is also the largest plastic injection tooling manufacturer. Since 2010, China has been at the forefront of plastics production, 2018 the production has surpassed Europe and North America for the first time. However, the consumption of per capita in china is only 40 kg, much lower than Germany with 145 kg. But this value will increase by 26% in 2025.

Biggest exporter and main importer

China is not only the biggest exporter but also a main importer in the global market for plastic products. With an export volume of $ 2.9 billion, in comparison china is far ahead of second-placed Germany in 2014. The main import countries and region were Hong Kong (20.8%), United States (9.9%), and Japan (7.3%). Moreover china imports $ 1.2 billion plastic products from foreign countries, ranked behind the USA with $ 1.4 billion. China imported the plastic tools from the three main countries: South Korea (28.7%), Japan16.1%) and Germany (6.8%).

plastics production in china  Import and Export of molded parts in china

Due to the rapid development of the plastics industry, China's injection molding industry has grown significantly. In 2010, the sales of injection molding machine reached $3 billion for the first time. In 2013 exceeded over $4 billion. By the end of 2016 the sales will reach 4.7 billion US dollars according to the forecasting.

Only a few big companies can make the high complex molds

Although the number of tooling manufacturer in china is huge, only some manufacturer can produce high precision tooling. Due to process complexity and the high requirements of industry specifications, it is difficult to make some kind of molds, especially in the electrical and medical industries. The automotive industry is a major buyer of China's tooling factories. In this area, the company generated an average of 39% of sales. Then come to the medical industry with 11% and the machinery industry with 10%. The highly complex tools, such as those used in medical technology, have special dimensional and tolerance requirements or with multi-cavities that can only be made by big tooling manufacturers.

plastic injection molding in china will be foreward develop

With the continuous demands of the plastics market, the improvement of tooling technology and automation applications in the plastic molding process, China has always played a important role in the global market of plastic tooling.

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