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The most commonly used plastics, all about polycarbonate (PC Plastic)

What is polycarbonate(PC) and its properties?

Polycarbonate (PC) is a non-crystalline thermoplastic plastic, which is a type of polymer compound with a carbonate structure (–O–(C = O)–O–) in the molecular chain and various types of products made based on its Generic term for materials. According to the different ester groups in the molecular structure, it can be divided into several categories: aliphatic, cycloaliphatic, aromatic, and aliphatic-aromatic. It has particularly good impact-resistant, long-lasting, thermal stability, clear, and flame retardant properties.

PC material has good mechanical properties with poor flow characteristics, which is difficult to 3d-print and to form. If the plastic parts require high impact resistance, then use a low flow rate PC material; on the contrary, you can use a high flow rate PC material, which can optimize the printing or injection molding process.

What are the industrial uses of PC plastic

Machinery components: for the parts with little workload, such as gears, racks, cams, worms, screws, nuts, pipe fittings, impellers, valve parts, camera equipment parts, and watches.

Electronic components: suitable for electrical appliances, such as meters, computers, hair dryers, lamps and controllers. Due to the advantages of high transparency and lightness, it can be used to make CDs, DVDs, mobile phones and laptops.

Automotive components: gasoline pump dials, car dashboards, car lighting systems, dashboard systems and interior decoration systems, car front and rear baffles, mirror frames, spoilers, etc.

Medical components: blood specimen appliances, blood oxygenators, surgical instruments, kidney dialyzers, etc.

PC material in the industrial uses

How strong is polycarbonate?

More and more products in the market use pc plastic to replace other plastic materials, even to replace metal and glass products with its unique characters. The manufacturing cost is low than others, and it is easy to form and molding. Besides, the PC products provide good machinery performance, excellently high strength and impact resistance.

Polycarbonate is very strong and can replace glass products, suitable for applications requiring high safety performance. Such as safety glass, explosion-proof glass, skylights and domes, protective screens, greenhouse glass. Polycarbonate is 30 times stronger than other popular transparent acrylics plastics and 200 times stronger than glass.

Is pc plastic toxic? Is pc BPA free?

PC plastics has toxicity under certain recommendations, but it is much lower than many other engineering plastics, and it is easy to recycle, which increaseits environmental friendliness.

Generally, PC plastics contain bisphenol A (BPA), a toxic substance that will be released at high temperatures and long-term contact. This type of PC plastics may be dangerous when in contact with food. However, polycarbonate without BPA is non-toxic, and is particularly suitable for food containers and mineral water bottles. In general, the information of PC plastic products will indicate "PCP-free" PC plastic.

Is pc plastics recyclable?

Today, the recycling of plastics has been a hot topic of public concern. People have realized the importance of plastics recycling to reduce environmental damage, and some environmentalists have started daily life without plastics, reducing their dependence on plastic products, so no matter what kind of plastic, its recyclability is very important.

There are three main advantages of recycling polycarbonate waste:

✔ The recycling of polycarbonate has economic value and can be produced repeatedly, achieving the advantage of cost saving

✔ PC recycling can reduce the demand for raw materials for the production of PC plastics.

✔ Recycling is conducive to protecting ecology and improving the environmental friendliness of plastics.

plastic recycling is friendly for the environment

What are the conditions of injection molding for PC material

Drying conditions: 100 ~ 120 ℃, at least 4 hours. Ordinary PC plastic material is extremely sensitive to water, so it must be fully dried before injection molding to reduce its water content to less than 0.02%.
Injection temperature: 270~320℃
Mold temperature: 70-120.
Injection pressure: 70-140MPa.
Injection speed: medium or slow.
Screw speed and back pressure: It is better to control it at 30-60r/min, and it is better to control the back pressure at 10-15% of the injection pressure.

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