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Plastic injection molding in the automotive industry

With the development of new energy technologies, electric vehicles have developed rapidly in recent years. The requirements of automotive become higher than before, which need the plastics industry to improve its manufacturing technology for the future. As manufacturers seek to make lighter and cost-effective plastic parts, while also installing new electronic devices and their enclosures, there will be many innovations in automotive plastic parts and designs in the next decade.

Impact of injection molded parts on the automotive industry

In the last few years, the use of plastic parts has been particularly preferred in the automotive market. This change from making use of metal parts to plastics is not practically saving production prices. Automobile producers are continuously making every effort to make light vehicles. These light-weight cars have actually shown to be eco-friendly because of their reduced fuel consumption. It is approximated that for each 10% decrease in lorry weight, fuel efficiency will raise by 5-7%.

In order to improve the performance of auto, the automotive industry is trying to alter the way of plastic use, aiming to make as many auto components as possible from sturdy, light-weight plastics. Despite the fact that common contemporary autos are made up of 50% plastic, plastic built components only represent 10% of their weight, which reveals that the auto sector has started to make use of plastics to boost cars and truck performance.

Furthermore, there are various other benefits to using plastics in vehicles. By using sturdy plastics, car manufacturers can also stay clear of common issues caused by using metals, such as steel tiredness as well as corrosion. The fact that plastic is light in weight, cheap, as well as sometimes even more durable than metal parts makes it an excellent selection for auto manufacturers.

The use of plastic has assisted automakers layout as well as generate autos that are safer, less costly, and also a lot more environmentally friendly. The very best component is that these brand-new, much more fuel-efficient automobiles are less costly to get and also a lot more comfortable to drive than older comparable products.

injection molding for light-weight autos

Increasing car comfort

Although fuel efficiency and performance specifications are always important to consumers, recently, more buyers are no longer concerned about the performance of the car, but more concerned about its comfort. Car buyers strive for control performance, interior decoration and other convenient facilities. This may be because people are driving longer and longer. As drivers spend more time on the steering wheel, they hope to make this time more interesting and productive.

To improve the driving experience, durable plastics make it possible. Focus on improving handling performance, interior finishes, convenience features, entertainment systems, intelligent technology, driver assistance, minimum vibration and reducing cabin noise are all aimed at increasing consumer desire to buy. High-performance injection molded parts play a vital role in achieving these goals.

Plastic mold design for automotive

When molding automotive parts, molders need the best plastic injection molds to ensure that each part can perform well. Good molders already know how to mix polymers when manufacturing parts to achieve maximum durability, which is very important for producing quality parts.

As an excellent mold manufacturer, we must clearly know the real needs of customers from the beginning. Moreover, the design of the mold should plan the entire manufacturing process as a whole, how to save project costs, how to shorten the development cycle, and possible problems in injection molding production. This is a crucial part of the product development. If the mold design is not well-considered, it will cause an increase in later costs and delay the entire project process, which is unwilling to see customers.

As a professional injection mold manufacturer, Lushi has many years of experience in automobile mold manufacturing, and can provide customers with more professional and reliable mold production solutions. Moreover, in order to reduce the cost of mold manufacturing and injection parts, we constantly optimize the process of the entire project, shorten the time of product development as much as possible, and truly achieve high-efficiency production.

new mold autos with more plastic molding parts

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