FQA for injection molding quote China

Consulting: about us/drawing data/NDA

Where is your company located in China?

Our company locates in Shenzhen, the best high-tech city in China, plants in Shenzhen and Dongguan.

Which software do you use?

UG10.0/Solidworks/ProE und MoldFlow.

If I only need plastic injection molding parts, do I need to pay for injection mold?

For mass production with certain order quantity, the single price of the molded parts already includes the costs of mold making.

NDA or secrecy declaration?

Trust is the principle of our cooperation. We would like to sign for NDA to keep the confidential information for our customer.

Which drawing data should I send?

3D format: STP / IGS / SLDPRT / X_T
2D format: DWG / DWF / PDF

How many employees in your company?

Engineering department: 16, project management: 5, mold maker in operation: 150.

I don't have any drawing data, how to do?

You can send us a pattern,pictures with rough size, or even a sketch.

How fast do you react because of time difference?

It is not a problem. We will answer your e-mail as soon as possible. We can make telephone if you need.

What is the minimum order for machining parts?

For machining parts more than 50pcs, sample 10pcs.

Details about injection molding quote in China

How long can I get your quotation?

After your inquiry, the data will be checked and calculated by us, it takes ca.3 days, depending on the complexity of the tool.

Which data do you need from us?

We need the following materials:
1. drawing data, 3D or 2D format;
2. Material of your plastic parts, and the color of the parts;
3. The number of shot time;
4. requirements of mold life and surface requirement;
5. Other requirements please let us know

How can I track my order?

You receive a progress report for your project every week.

Which brand do you use for standard parts?

We offer you with EU-standard. We regularly use the standard of DME, Hasco etc.

Validity of the quotation?

Usually it takes a month. The cost varies according to the price of the material.

How long does it take from order to try out?

Usually it takes about 2 weeks. For small plastic mold about 10 days, then we test molded parts.
If necessary, we will modify the tooling. And then send it to you.

Terms of payment: payment/logistics/tracking

What is the payment terms?

We can accept T / T (Telegraphic Transfer), 40% for deposit, 40% before sending of sample, 20% before shipping of mold.

We need the logistics, I do not have a logistics agent in China?

We can do it for you. We have low price cause the long-term cooperation with the logistics company.

Can I change the mold if I'm not satisfied with the sample?

Yes, it is free for small changes.
For big changes like the part structure we have to ask for the additional costs.

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