Custom machining precision parts
for plastic injection molding

The CO-WORKING with China is an optimal solution for the molding with high quality and cost reduction. LUSHI offers you an alternative to reducing your complete molding costs. We can take over the task the complete to cut down your cost pressure.

✔ You are looking for the machining service in china to produce your mold to reduce costs
✔ You need only a part of components in China to produce, The upper and the lower mould cores will be made by yourself.
✔ You need to buy the customized mold non- or standard parts from China.

precision machining mold parts for injection molding

Custom Mold precision Parts/Components

We make customized accessories (as listed below) for your molds. With experienced production of mold making as well as the process assurance, the quality is certainly ensured by us.

√ Ejector retainer plate
√ Slide and insert
√ wedge wear plate
Precision ejector
√ stripper plate
√ Mold base
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